Roger van Diepen

RNTS Media N.V.

RNTS Media is a digital content publisher. The company is a leading innovator in online and mobile games publishing, LTE technologies and digital educational content.

"With the inhouse expertise offered by Trinavis, we could outsource certain tasks without hesitation or worry. Tasks, including but not limited to: financial accounting, payroll accounting, tax consulting and the preparation of financial statements, are all conducted in a professional and timely manner by the diverse skilled partners Trinavis offers.The cooperation with Trinavis has not only been a great investment in the continuity of our firm, it has also proven to be a convenient and pleasant business experience."

Avi Gindi

SolarEdge Technologies

"SolarEdge Technologies designs, develops and sells advanced power harvesting systems for the solar photo-voltaic industry. The Company was incorporated in August 2006 and established a German subsidiary during 2009. Since the incorporation, Trinavis have served as our consultants in all tax and accounting issues.

We highly appreciate the high quality of Trinavis's performances and the prompt availability, which include monthly package reporting by the end of each month, based on our individual requirements. ln addition, Trinavis ensures we meet our obligations with respect to German tax and accounting rules."

Olaf Czernomoriez

GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG *

"We have shared a long-lasting and trusting cooperation with Trinavis. In particular, we appreciate the unusually deep personal commitment and short response time. Trinavis has the ability to develop custom-made solutions leading to success for our group on the basis of their high level of professional competence. This is accompanied by the support of our staff in the practical implementation within the group. We recommend Trinavis without any reservation."

* GASAG is Berlin's main natural gas vendor


Lawyers, Insolvency Administrators, Notaries

"Our companies have been supported with tax advisory services and represented by Trinavis for several years now. We are pleased to confirm their professional expertise and their ability to develop good concepts for complex situations. Their employees’ work is characterized by a timely treatment of enquiries, availability and friendliness.”

Anja Olsok


"The many years of co-operation with Trinavis have always been exemplary. The Trinavis experts respond swiftly and professionally to our range of different problems. We therefore regard Trinavis to be a reliable partner with whom we will continue to work together in a spirit of trust."

Claus Bergholz

INTERTEC Ingenieurgesellschaft für Projektmanagement mbH

„I particularly appreciate my auditor’s and tax consultant’s reliability and continuity of support and their expert advice in all taxation issues.“

Dipl.-Ing. René Zimmer

Zimmer Group

„Thank you for the highly interesting SME seminar you offered at Trinavis. In my experience it is something really special to explain a difficult topic, which is complex both legally and technically, in a clear and simple fashion. This reveals the competence of the lecturers. Some speakers like to hide behind technical jargon, which is the easiest way for them. My compliments, that was really brilliant. I will be pleased to recommend Trinavis.”