Robert Abt

RHC Management GmbH

"Trinavis supports us as our advisors in this process. We particularly came to appreciate the excellent professional work of the team when we needed to develop a reliable reporting structure for the acquired properties quickly and efficiently. The demanding and challenging requirements have been fulfilled on time and at a high level of quality, thus ensuring efficient and reliable periodic reporting. In addition to this, Trinavis actively addresses all our tax issues. We thus receive one-stop support from Trinavis allowing us to focus on what we do best.

Trinavis also advised us during the sale of a major real estate portfolio, being responsible for the Tax and Financial Vendor Due Diligence. Their excellent professional expertise as well as the effective and efficient communication marked our cooperation. Especially in transactions the prompt and reliable evaluation of the facts is essential and in this respect Trinavis has exceeded our expectations. In our opinion Trinavis represents a real alternative to the Big Four".

Dr. Karl Reinitzhuber

mfi management für immobilien AG

"Our long-term cooperation with Trinavis is characterized by an atmosphere of respect, harmony and personal communication. A particularly positive aspect is the continuity of our responsible contact partners at Trinavis, i.e. for any transaction or process there has always been a qualified partner or staff member available who knows the legal and economic framework conditions exactly. The commitment of Trinavis to us as its client or to the respective engagement is another positive aspect to be pointed out in this context."

Jason McLaughlin

Rowan Asset Management Ltd

„Trinavis' work has been greatly valued by us in recent years and the quality of their services is outstanding. We have always found their work to be of the highest standard and we have developed a very good working relationship with them.“

Amir Sagy

Summit RE Group

„Trinavis have always been a reliable partner for us. They have a clear focus on real estate and we need not explain our business to them. They are aware of the particulars of our branch of industry and know what is important.“

Martin Ernst, Dr. Gereon Deider, Peter Schepper

Deutsche Interhotel Holding GmbH & Co. KG

„In view of the complexity of work and with particular regard to the requirements of the hotel and real estate sector on the one hand the involvement of banks on the other hand, Trinavis has always been in a position to reduce the problems to their essence and is therefore a very professional, reliable and valuable advisor for the group management and for the investment and tax departments of the investing banks.

Based on our many years of experience with the company we recommend Trinavis without reservation.“