Real estate

Between new chances and long-term prospects

In the real estate market, long-term investment strategies are as crucial as short-term activities none more so than in today’s market. In both cases, the risks and rewards of a real estate commitment have to be carefully balanced out to provide long term returns to the investors. Our working environment, which is characterized by uncertainty regarding economic development and increasing regulatory measures, requires foresight, continuity and determined action. Our real estate experts help and enable our clients to work efficiently, with long term success and profitability under such challenging conditions.

We have been working in the real estate market for more than 40 years and have therefore accumulated a broad level of expertise in this important business sector. Our services are aimed at optimising our clients’ real estate investments be it from purchasing, leasing or disposing of their real estate.

Our range of services includes:

  • Optimisation of acquisition and financing processes in terms of tax and business management
  • Development of tax-optimised exit strategies and restructuring solutions for under or non-performing real estate investments
  • Support in establishing a real estate company
  • Book-keeping services and preparation of the required financial statements and tax returns

Our clients are involved in the real estate sector covering institutional (public authorities, banks, enterprises, foundations) as well as private investors from Germany and abroad, closed-end real estate funds, project developers/builders, architects and engineers. Our range of services cater for commercial and specialised real estate, such as shopping centres, hotels, logistics properties, residential properties and, of course, private real estate.

Institutional and private investors

For international financial investors with investments in German real estate we prepare financial statements and various reporting packages according to IFRS, which are consolidated into the financial statements of listed enterprises outside Germany. As we provide outsourced accounting and book-keeping service for foreign investors, we provide a smooth interface with the overseas auditors of the group parent company. We can also provide a comprehensive and efficient audit service to the German based operation. In addition, we represent the real estate company in all matters in connection with the German fiscal and other governmental authorities.

Project developers, builders, architects and engineers

We support project developers’ and builders’ businesses from the planning phase right through to the sale of a property. Furthermore, we not only support project developers’ and builders’ companies but also the people behind them.

Closed-end real estate investment funds

We provide a comprehensive range of services to more than 200 closed-end real estate investment funds. We develop solutions for fund structures, provide up to-date tax advisory services as well as trust activities and grant audits. Additional services include the technical support on asset management, restructuring solutions for underperforming or non-performing real estate investment funds as well as assisting management with regard to the reorganisation or liquidation of real estate investment funds.

Real estate enterprises and housing associations

Our clients include owners of real estate enterprises and housing associations, who come from various sectors from private industry and the public sector to non-profit organisations. Our range of expertise goes beyond real estate knowledge and would include for example the tax law for non-profit organisations. As we provide a combination of real estate expertise and a broad level of knowledge in other sectors, such as the public sector, and in connection with non-profit organisations, we are in a position to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services covering both real estate and other sectors.

Specialised real estate

The term ‘specialised real estate’ comprises various kinds of real estate, such as shopping centres, hotels as well as leisure and care facilities. We have extensive experience with clients operating in these markets and the essential know-how in these sectors, which enables us to fully support not only the owners of such properties but also their operators.

Private property owners

We also support property owners when purchasing, selling or renting out their properties. Our range of services also comprises consultancy when transferring real estate assets to subsequent generations and the tax optimisation regarding future successions.

Overview of our services

Tax consultancy

  • Choice of legal form, start-up consulting
  • Tax optimisation of the investment concepts and financing structures
  • Tax due diligence
  • International tax planning
  • Preparation and declaration of financial statements
  • On-going tax consultancy

    • Support during field tax audits and representation vis-à-vis the fiscal authorities, appeal and legal proceedings
    • Consultancy in all tax matters, especially in the field of VAT and real estate transfer tax


  • Audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Special audits
  • Accounting according to German commercial law and international standards
  • Reviews according to the German Broker and Builder Regulations [Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung - MaBV]
  • Business valuations according to the dividend discount method or discounted cash flow method pursuant to the standard IDW S 1 ‘Principles for the performance of business valuations‘

Transaction services

  • Financial due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Risk identification
  • Analysis / evaluation of tenders

Real estate valuation

  • Market value appraisal reports
  • Assessed and specialised valuations
  • Review of valuation reports and calculation bases, especially with regard to contributions for infrastructure development and road improvements as well as compensatory amounts
  • Project evaluations with regard to the erection of new buildings and conversions

Reorganisation and restructuring

  • Consulting and support for underperforming or nonperforming real estate enterprises 
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Development of restructuring solutions
  • Support for the implementation of restructuring solutions