Compliance audits

For quite some time, the term 'compliance' has not only included the requirement for companies to comply with the relevant legal requirements. Compliance management increasingly becomes a constituent part of company management and monitoring within the scope risk management.In modern economy, 'rule-consistent behaviour' also implies operational organisation and business culture preventing the breach of rules in addition to the compliance with all laws to be applied by the company, such as data protection, labour law or product safety law. Its target is also to support the monitoring responsibility of the management and the supervisory bodies and to reduce their liability in the event of abreach of regulations. A number of general but also industry-specific conceptual frameworks have been established for compliance management systems (CMS) in the meantime. One of the general conceptual frameworks is COSO II, which is a comprehensive, company-wide risk management model. The conceptual framework developed by the 'Initiative Corporate Governance' of the German real estate industry established principles of transparent and professional corporate management in the real estate economy (

Our services include audit subjects and areas aligned along your needs and your focus. If necessary, we rely on experts like the lawyers of our Crowe Horwath Trinavis network, industry specialists or other specialists.

Overview of our services

  • Effectiveness testing
    In a comprehensive audit of your CMS on the basis of IDW PS 980 you obtain assurance on the effectiveness of your CMS .
  • Concept and reasonableness testing
    Alternatively, we support the process of developing and introducing the CMS in your company with audit procedures. We either assess your CMS concept or the reasonableness/implementation of your CMS.
  • Component audits
    According to your requirements, the audit may relate to your compliance organisation or to individual business units. 


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