Other assurance services

More and more companies need assurance of their financial information outside of classical financial statement audits. Such assurance is often based on financial reporting standards for a special purpose (such as contractually agreed accounting principles for the sale of a business), which are intended to serve the information requirements of certain users. The review of such financial information is conducted in compliance with all German audit standards relevant for financial statements. As a result of our work, we confirm the reliability of the audited financial information or the special purpose financial statements with an audit opinion.

Overview of our services

  • Audits of financial information on the basis of specialized accounting principles
  • Balance sheet, statement of income
  • Statements of cash flows
  • Statements of assets and liabilities
  • Audits of elements of financial information, for example:
  • Accounts receivable, adequacy of the allowance for doubtful accounts
  • Statements of revenue
  • Statements of payments for a special purpose
  • Statements of assets