Specialized audits and reviews of financial statements

Today, enterprises are required to make many decisions for which they need an assessment of certain facts and circumstances or financial information by an auditor from a specific perspective. This may be an assurance service in connection with a specialized audit.

Alternatively, a review of the financial statements provides assurance to clients that the financial information is in compliance with the relevant regulations in all significant respects. The difference between a financial statement audit and a review is that we are able to provide the client with a quicker and less work-intensive assessment, but not an assurance, without the need for intensive audit procedures as would be required in an audit of financial statements.

Based on our many years of experience in supporting medium-sized client groups we have the necessary organizational prerequisites and specialist knowledge for reviewing our clients' financial information and for conducting statutory and voluntary specialized audits. With our strong emphasis on industry knowledge and the specialized professionals at Crowe Horwath Trinavis we are familiar with the corresponding accounting-related matters. As a result, our clients benefit from a high-quality and efficient engagement performance.

Overview of our services

  • Audits of company incorporation and non-cash contributions
  • Specialized audits in accordance with stock corporation law
  • Merger audits
  • Audits according to Sec. 53 of the Basic Budgetary Rules Act [Haushaltsgrundsätzegesetz – HGrG]
  • Audits of risk management systems
  • Review of quarterly, interim, annual and consolidated financial statements