Insolvency – consulting, audit, expert opinions

Our advisory services cover the whole range of economic aspects in connection with the preparation and the performance of insolvency proceedings. Depending on the type of the insolvency proceeding and the stage of the process, our services are provided to the entrepreneur/the company or the insolvency administrator and the creditors:

  • Questions relating to the entrepreneur’s duty to file for insolvency and, if required, support in preparing the insolvency application
  • Expert opinions for insolvency administrators and assistance with insolvency plans
  • Support for creditors and creditors’ committees in respect of compliance with their duties

Consulting in the preparation of or during insolvency proceedings requires a high level of flexibility and experience. Successful insolvency proceedings have to be tailored to the situation at hand. In order to manage the very specific situation of insolvency, taking measures in time – sometimes involving several parties – is indispensable. Through our long-standing expertise in providing advice and expert opinions to companies of various sizes and from different industries, we have developed and implemented crisis and insolvency strategies together with their stakeholders. These strategies have successfully secured the company’s going concern and improved the creditors’ return on investment.

Our services for entrepreneurs/companies

  • Certificates pursuant to Sec. 270b InsO [Insolvenzordnung; German Insolvency Statute] in preparation of restructuring within the scope of protective shield proceedings [Schutz-schirmverfahren]
  • Preparation of net assets, financial position and results of operations plans
  • Development of restructuring plans
  • Examination fulfilment of grounds to file for insolvency pursuant to the German Insolvency Statute

Our services for insolvency administrators/creditors

  • Preparation of forecasts for going concern
  • Development of insolvency plans
  • Expert opinions on illiquidity pursuant to Sec. 17 InsO
  • Status of over-indebtedness pursuant to Sec. 19 InsO
  • Cash audits pursuant to Sec. 69 InsO
  • Advice for creditors’ committees
  • Analysis of cash flows


Trinavis GmbH & Co. KG Member Crowe Horwath International

Dr. Gunter Franzke
German Public Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Thomas Leschke
Tax Consultant

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