Restructuring services

Our approach to consulting is not limited to companies that are facing insolvency. Even profitable companies with an above-average requirement for financing quite often need support during the negotiations with lenders. Our restructuring services cover the full range of restructuring management from securing a company's short term liquidity to the complete restoration of a company's long term earnings power or cash flow, respectively, to insolvency plans.

In addition to flexibility and experience, advisory services to underperforming and financially distressed businesses require a high degree of creativity. Therefore, a successful restructuring plan is not a ready-made service. In this context our cash flow-based approach to consulting is the solid foundation for successful restructuring. Based on our long standing experience from restructuring projects for companies of various sizes and industries, we have developed and implemented successful negotiation strategies for all stakeholders concerned.

Overview of our services

  • Conception of restructuring plans
  • Preparation or review of reorganisation surveys, also based the German standard IDW S 6
  • Support during restructuring and related financing measures
  • Management support in the process of negotiations with lenders and other stakeholders  and facilitation of bank pools
  • Monitoring and coordination of restructuring initiatives (operative, strategic and financial)
  • Confirmations in accordance with Sec. 270 b Insolvency Statute [Insolvenzordnung – InsO]
  • Insolvency tests
  • Advice in connection with the preparation and implementation of insolvency plans


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Dr. Gunter Franzke
German Public Auditor, Tax Consultant

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Trinavis GmbH & Co. KG Member Crowe Horwath International

Achim Schulte
German Public Auditor

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Trinavis GmbH & Co. KG Member Crowe Horwath International

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Tax Consultant

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