Just as any other service, legal advice today has to measure up to high efficiency standards. Irrespective of this demand, competence and professionalism are required more than ever before owing to the increasing complexity of legal provisions.

Our lawyers are well-prepared for these requirements: We work in multidisciplinary teams together with auditors and tax consultants. Since auditing and tax consulting are closely functionally linked, our main focus is on consulting in all areas of business law.

In a multidisciplinary exchange we deal with complex legal issues that entrepreneurs and investors face daily and that in turn result in new challenges. As a final step, we present solutions that give our clients the security they need in a frequently uncertain environment.

Our services

  • Providing solutions to commercial and company law issues
  • Giving support during real estate transactions
  • Performing due diligences
  • Restructuring and advising on reorganisation law
  • Advising in matters concerning contract law
  • Structuring of successor models and asset transfers

Our services are provided by Trinavis Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.