Agreements for hotel property

Hotel properties are rather capital-intensive specialized property which is limited to the use as a hotel with only limited usability for other purposes. If hotel owners do not wish or are not in a position to operate the hotel themselves, and therefore would have a hotel operator run the hotel, the type of hotel operating contract and its specific terms are of fundamental importance.
In addition to the economic feasibility, a balanced distribution of opportunities and risks is required in order to make a successful cooperation of the parties possible in the long term. This also involves laying the contractual foundation for an accounting system that is practicable and in compliance with the legal requirements and optimizing the chosen contract options under taxation aspects. Frequently, this is only possible with 'hybrid contracts', which attune the classical contract types for the operation of hotel properties – management contract or lease contract –to the individual needs of the parties.

In close cooperation with a team of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors we support our clients in the process of negotiating and designing hotel operator contracts, for optimising existing contracts and for the acquisition or sale of hotels.

Overview of our services

  • Designing contracts relating to the operation of the 'hotel property'
  • Negotiating and designing hotel operator contracts (also in the form of hybrid contracts), in particular:

    • Management contracts
    • Lease contracts
    • Technical assistance agreements
    • Pre-opening agreements
    • Change and adjustment of existing agreements

  • Tax-optimised contract design in connection with the acquisition or the sale of hotels by way of share deals or asset deals
  • Optimisation of the contractual relations, especially under tax aspects


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