Energy tax law

Energy and electricity tax is a specific field – we, however, have been familiar with it for many years now. For a long time we have provided consulting services both to companies and energy suppliers in questions of procedural law, energy and electricity taxation or optimising the energy or electricity tax burden.

Consulting in connection with contracting, i.e. the generation of useful energy, is of high practical importance here, all the more so, as for years now the German federal government has declared its intention to reduce tax benefits to a considerable extent, entailing the danger of an enormous additional energy and electricity tax burden for companies and consumers.

Overview of our services

  • Support for all applications, especially for tax exemptions and relief
  • Consulting for contracting issues and other cases of optimizing the tax burden
  • Seminars in companies
  • Support during audits by the chief customs office [Hauptzollamt]
  • Representation in fiscal court proceedings


Solveig Wickinger
Tax consultant

Phone: +49 30 89?04?82?-?144

Werner Verdenhalven
Lawyer, German Public Auditor, Tax Consultant, Mediator

Phone: +49 30 89 04 82 - 196