Support during tax audits

In the course of tax audits, conflicts with the fiscal authorities are quite common. In addition to professional expertise, both experience and negotiation skills are needed. Based on our many years of expertise in supporting clients during tax audits, we ensure that the tax matters are solved in our clients' best interest. We are familiar with the procedures and mechanisms of the fiscal authorities and are therefore able to have optimum results for our clients. We are likewise familiar with the support during tax audits 'at short notice', advice and technical support in connection with digital tax audits ('verification of data based on the principles of data access and auditing of digital documents' - 'GDPdU') are services we also offer.

We would like to take the pressure of a tax audit off our clients and therefore offer full service from the letter announcing a tax audit to the final meeting with the tax auditors. The desired aim of this process should be, as a rule, to reach agreement with the tax auditors without going to court. Of course, we are prepared – in the worst case – to assert the clients' interests by way appeals proceedings or legal actions.

Overview of our services

  • Opinions regarding the findings of the tax audit
  • Conducting negotiations with the fiscal authorities
  • Participation in final meetings
  • Negotiations and reaching actual agreement with the fiscal authorities
  • Asserting our clients' tax interests after the tax audit was closed


Trinavis GmbH & Co. KG Member Crowe Horwath International

Solveig Wickinger
Tax consultant

Phone: +49 30 89 04 82 - 144

Trinavis GmbH & Co. KG Member Crowe Horwath International

Werner Verdenhalven
Lawyer, German Public Auditor, Tax Consultant, Mediator

Phone: +49 30 89 04 82 - 196